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Spraying Fences Pimpama

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Spraying Fences in Pimpama

Are you considering changing colour scheme or refresh your existing old Colorbond fence or shed? JG Superior Painters can respray your existing Colorbond onsite. When it comes to exterior painting your deck and fence is the area you will notice the most. Fence Painting is a great way to protect, improve and increase the value of your property, and extend the life of your fence.

A well-maintained wooden fence will last many years if maintained properly, but if not painted or stained every few years, they will quickly rot, look awful and will eventually fall over in heavy winds. In addition, the wood used in most natural wood fences will age and turn a greyish silver colour, which most people find unattractive. So painting or staining is required for aesthetic reasons too. Painting a fence isn't difficult, but doing the job properly can be time-consuming and repetitive. The work is definitely worth it, as a proper paint job won't just give your fence a facelift, it will actually extend the life of the fence by protecting it from the elements.

Our professional and hard working fence painting team can take over your entire fence painting requirements. We offer top quality fence painting and fence staining solutions. Whether you're looking to have your fence painted a solid color, or wish to have its natural wood qualities amplified through fence staining, we provide custom fence services. We make sure that all of the fence paint and stain is applied thoroughly, covers all sides of the fence, and most importantly, looks great! We work with clients to make sure they choose the optimal paints or stains and provide insights into color or shade selection.

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